Sore boobs 😬


I’m curious for 2 reason but I know all women are different. I don’t temp like I should of lol. Anyways I noticed that during my TWW I always have sore breast/nipples.

Here’s my actual question. Does breast soreness happen or start to happen when you’re ABOUT to ovulate or AFTER ovulation. When does it happen to you?

I ran out of opks and I wanted to test cause I had a feeling I was going to ovulate some time this week BUT never got to. But for some reason hubby was all over me this week I think we BD Monday/Tuesday morning (lol it was like 1 or 2am) then again Thursday afternoon and Friday around 2am again 😂 anyways on Saturday I noticed a tingly sensation like when my boobs are about to be sore we didn’t have a chance to BD Saturday but did do it on Sunday. But by now my boobs are definitely sore.

Do you think we could of gotten right? I’m not sure when I ovulate before or after sore breast 😑