Getting a house. Financial advice please!

Hey guys! So I’ll start off by saying I am 19 years old, my fiancé is 23.

So he and I lived together for 6 months. We rented a house that his parents owned. I had just turned 18 when I moved in. Anyways we lived there for 6 months, and then he literally left one day. We had been arguing a lot and neither of us had ever lived outside of our parents house, so it was hard getting used to. Anyways after he left, I couldn’t afford the bills on my own, so I paid both of our share of the last months bills and then moved back in with my mom...

we ended up getting back together about 2 months after that.

Well, my dad passed away a while back and left me $250,000 from his life insurance policy. I haven’t used any of it besides for college classes and some textbooks, and I want to use about $110,000 of it to get a house and just pay it off. But right now I’m working at a retail clothing shop, so I was waiting to get my associates degree first before getting a house so I will have more money to spend. Because I’m getting it in Office administration so I can get a decent paying job while I go part time for my bachelors.. anyways I’m about to have an internship, and then I will graduate school with my associates shortly after.

So he and I are engaged now and he wants to get married sometime next year..

So when I get a house how does this work? Im scared to get a house and have it paid off, and then something happen and we get divorced and then I have to sell it and him get half of the money. I trust him, and I don’t think we would get divorced, but I never know the future and I don’t want to be stupid and lose everything. I also don’t want him to get mad if I have the house only in my name.

What would you guys do? I have never been in this situation or have never been married and I just want to make a good choice. I don’t really know who else to ask about all of this. Thanks