My boss said the miscarriages are a sign that I'm not ready

Just had a return to work meeting. I suffer from migraines so my work absence is not great. I had two miscarriages in 3months but only recently I took 4 days off because I had pain and emotionally I was not ok. So my boss said that because I had photos on Facebook that I had been out with friends during this time(day before my absence) it looks bad. Also she said I'm young and maybe I need to give my body a break as it is a sign I'm not ready. I'm 28 and I've travelled got a degree I've got a good job and wonderful partner and even if I didn't have any of that, Im ready for a baby and that's what we want. I'm so annoyed I just needed to vent. She's made me feel like I'm weak and not stable and I couldn't help having those miscarriages does she think I chose that!