Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Sorry in advace as this doesnt relate to periods. Im 19 and have been stuggling with anxiety for 3 years now. My boyfriend and i are going on our first camping trip alone this weekend and i couldnt be more excited. But as i was trying to pack and do multiple things at once i just started having a breakdown for no reason. I couldnt stop crying or control my breathing for 45 minutes before i started to calm down. I felt extreamly cold and am figuring that I had a panic attack. My boyfriend and I do not live together but when I do get anxious my thoughts are going a mile a minute. He doesnt know how to help anymore. I told him i needed his help and explained what was happening and his response was "idk what to tell you"If anyone has any kind words of advice or how to get through this it be great cause i currently have no support and dont knos what to do anymore 😭