Help!! Headache every morning since June!


When it was finals week, I spent nights awake studying and ran on coffee to stay awake during my tests. Starting June 6th, my headaches became extremely painful and everyday. I expected to feel great after school was out! However, since that day, I’ve been experiencing non stop pain every day in my head. I wake up in pain, my mouth dry, my teeth sore, and overall I feel like when I’m in this pain, I’ll never be able to focus. Im extremely worried because I don’t know if I can begin school like this! I wake up feeling like I need to go to bed, but going to bed doesn’t even help the pain! It’s like I never start a new day, I’m kn a constant loop of pain. My sleeping hours are pretty regular, I try not to take pain killers because this is an everyday pain and I don’t feel concealing the problem is efficient. My doctors decided to take a month out of the office, and the psychiatrist I need to see won’t be available until September. I’m falling apart! Should I go to the ER? Help me please!! Desperate 16 year old here!! BTW I have PCOS.