Need some help

Lizzie • Due in July 2019 with our rainbow after a loss on 6-28-18. Blessed with a 2.5 year old, 7 year old and 13 year old. All boys

I miscarried at 7w2d on June 28. It was a natural miscarriage. We have been cleared to try again whenever ready. Well we had sex for the first time on Saturday night and again Sunday night. Which would have been about 16-17 days since my miscarriage. I was having EWCM on Sunday and felt like my cervix was open but my OPK was really negative. Well we left for the beach on Monday and I didn’t bring any opk with me but we just got home today and I took one because yesterday I was having pain on my right side that I am orettt sure was ovulation pain. Although my cm seemed to change to a little bit creamier mixed with EWCM. It’s not quite positive but I assume if I ovulated yesterday it wouldn’t be anymore. Does it sound like I ovulated?