We moved in with my parents 😵😰


My baby daddy and I got robbed a few months back and lost almost everything. While waiting for the investigation and what not our bills have piled up. We are about 90 days from having our baby and have had the option to move in with my parents.

Bryan (baby daddy) and I had been living in an entirely different province until now, and my parents had only met him briefly one weekend before moving in. We haven’t even been at my parents house for a month and of course we are being charged rent, and are responsible for our own groceries and what not, this isn’t a problem for us. However, we are struggling with boundaries.

My dad has it in his mind that because I am not working it’s my responsibility to manage the housekeeping of the entire house, so his dishes, his cleaning, his laundry walk his dogs and whatever else as he expected my mom to do all that when she was raising my brothers and I.

Because my mom has done everything the way she has, my dad is making these type of demands from me.

My mom makes a comment at least once a day about how much weight I have gained and is constantly comparing her pregnancies to mine. “I can’t believe how many popsicles you’re eating- I’m shocked you don’t have diabetes- hopefully your face doesn’t stay that fat, blah blah blah” she went as far as “borrowing” my cousins baby for a day then when any time she started crying demanded I make her stop, and then told me how I’m going to need to be able to do that come 90 days.

Her and my dad are CONSTANTLY hounding Bryan and I about our income- he is a red seal chef and just got hired as soux chef at our towns hottest venue, he’s making more per hour than he ever had compared to where we lived before- however, it’s not enough in my parents eyes as my brothers work oil field jobs making well over $500/day and “if he plans on supporting you and your baby he’s going to have to get a new career whether he likes it or not”.

What are some boundaries you’ve made with family in order to have healthy living situation? I don’t feel like the one I’m in is working. The idea was to live here and save our money for a down payment for a home to have the equity for the family Bryan and I are about to begin, however, being first time parents, we fear renting the high costs will only put us farther behind than what we are right now.