I need to “mom vent”


So I’m 38 1/2 weeks pregnant been in labour for 4 weeks now and my three year old is in a “I don’t like you anymore” phase where if I do anything that upsets him he tells me he doesn’t like me and tries to hit me.... my boyfriend is lazy and doesn’t parent what so ever he thinks because he’s the one working he doesn’t have to clean up after himself (note I pay my own rent and half of all our shared bills) .... I clean up after both of them constantly and I’m suppose to be on bed rest... I’m so over whelmed I can’t take it much longer. I came home from staying with my mom for a few days and the bed room was a disaster... chip bags, pop bottles, beer cans, dirty clothes all over the room, and I told him I’m tired of cleaning up after him and our new baby won’t be in a environment like that and he lost it at me and told me if I didn’t like it I could clean it the fuck up or shut up and go sit on the couch... our sons bassinet is in our room and that’s the only place my s/o insists on keeping a mess 24/7.... I can’t handle it I really can’t anymore