Pregnancy test

Bianca • TTC with baby 👶 #1

Are the first response test 6 days sooner test really work? I’m ttc and I have had sex literally almost everyday before on and after ovulation and now my period is a 1 day late according to glow. Clue states that my period is coming on June 20th and my other <a href="">period tracker</a> said July 21st . On my <a href="">period tracker</a> I thought I was one week late but it came a week later. So I’m not sure if I’m ovulating this week and my period is supposed to come next. Should i wait and test again or just accept the fact that I’m not pregnant? I have mild cramps which Happens a week before my period and my boobs usually hurt way before I start getting cramps but this time I just have cramps no sore boobs.