paycheck issues

ka • 👫🏻❤️

Can an employer withhold your check when you quit your job? (wisconsin)

It's a long mess but, this employer is withholding my check for 30days since I quit-I stopped working June 22nd. He gave me no contract to sign stating he can withhold my check and he didn't say anything to me about it either prior to working. I worked three days for him and left because he was being VERY rude. Also, during my interview he told me he will pay me $11-written on paper too (very unprofessional), and when I started working another employee showed me how to work the computer and i saw that I was getting paid $10 instead and he never told me about it. I asked him when paydays are and he never responded so I asked an employee. so I waited a week for the next payday after I quit and asked him about my check and he says i dont get my check and that I have to wait 30days. Prior to asking directly to him I emailed the salon because he said to stop contacting him via text so I sent an email and someone had replied telling me my check has been issued so I can pick it up at 5 because he would be available I go in and he says no then he tells me I can no longer step into his salon then I tried explaining to him that someone emailed me back saying he would be available but he said he knew nothing and I said that I couldnt directly contact him so I emailed the salon which he could've responded to but he didnt give me a chance to talk so I left.

I feel that if this was going to happen he could have told me in the beginning and atleast had me sign something. And he should atleast contact me instead of me needing to ask him. He said I failed at trying to contact him. I want to take legal actions and report him.