Spotting throughout the month


Hi ladies.

I am a mom of 2 and we are trying for a third.

My cycles are “regular”. 27/28 days 12 day luteal phase. Ovulation confirmed by OPKs, temping and CM.

I however have been spotting on and off for a few months at random times throughout my cycle. A few days after af usually. But this month I have spotted daily since cd 8. Im currently cd 21 and 4 dpo (expecting a later cycle this month)

I had a D&C; with hysteroscopy last month for polyps after a TVUS revealed a probable one while searching for the cause of irregular bleeding. They were removed without issue.

I had blood work done to test progesterone, hcg, vit d, and thyroid. All were normal.

My doctor is convinced it’s hormonal but wont run testing. I cannot find any info online so I figured I’d reach out here.

The spotting is not in my underwear just when I wipe. It’s more when I workout and after sex.