He has a baby with her...

Me and my now fiancé have been together for close to 2 years. However we broke up in November for about 3 weeks. During this time he managed to get another girl pregnant. At least we think it’s his baby. I’m 19 and never been in a situation with someone who has a baby with someone else.

Me and his baby momma don’t get along and she has been putting it in my face that I can’t have kids so she had to give him one, and all I’ll ever be is “the girlfriend” (before we were engaged she said this). Due to complications she is due any day and is in the hospital till she gives birth. They are having a DNA test to see if it’s really his baby.

I guess what I’m getting at is I’m not comfortable knowing she’s forever going to have a spot in his life. That being said would it be wrong of me to leave him if the baby is his?

I’m just so lost and I don’t want to be around the baby what so ever. We currently live together and that will be a problem for when he has the baby with him.