Sex hurts 😔

I recently lost my virginity about a month and two weeks ago. I’ve looked in the mirror since then and noticed that my hole was about as small as the diameter of a lollipop stick. My boyfriend however is pretty large and has somewhat of a large penis. When I first lost my virginity, it was SUPER painful and I bled for about 7 days. The second time we did it, I bled again for about 4 days. The third time, about 2 days. Every time, it was like a sharp pain and even after seventh time we did it a few days ago, it would still hurt. I’m hoping there’s nothing wrong with me, but he even said that it hurt for him because I was super tight and I’m thinking it’s just his size. I’m not sure, but I’m concerned and I’m hoping someone may know why. No need to tell me to go to the doctor, I know that I should, but I want to know if it’ll just take some time for me to get used to it