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We were talking in 8th grade and we talked for like 5 months and I met his parents and he met mine and it was kinda serious & then he like stopped talking to me to start talking to this girl so like that broke my heart like realllyyyyy bad and then I started talking to this guy but like it was whatever right cause I was still not over the guy and then he got really mad and In the summer going to my freshman year we started talking again but like we just faded cause he’s at another school and then freshman year we talked again but then again we faded and yeah like we have been like that till now like we start talking and we stop out of nowhere and then like two months ago I told him I was like we need to stop this and settle already & he said “I don’t know how I feel about you anymore” and then we started talking again like before I went to a camp for three 4 days but again we stopped and then I saw him at a xv the day after I got back and he got jealous that I was dancing with a lot of guys and we also kissed but he was the one that kissed me and he would grab me out of nowhere and just start kissing me it was super cute & so I told him like why did he do that if supposedly he doesn’t know how he feels anymore like I mean u don’t kiss anyone just to do it and he told me he didn’t know how to answer that and we started textin again and we started talking again and things are going good I’m just so confused it’s so noticeable that he’s still into me and In person his actions show that he is but through text yeah he flirts and stuff but like today I told him I stopped texting with this guy that liked me and he said “and so what” made me think he didn’t care so I said I wasn’t gonna tell him anything anymore and he said bye then I didnt answer him and he texted me again so he’s really confusing but only through text,and we have been on and off for three years already I’m starting to think maybe he’s my soul mate since We keep going back to each other even after we talk to other people I’m 17 and we’ve been like this since I was 14 and I still feel the same for him like I did before when we were first talking and I love him he’s a really nice guy his parents are humble and I can see they raised him right I just don’t know how it’s gonna turn out for us,any advice?