hey ladiesss, so I wanna try n stop wearing foundation all together cause I wanna be THAT girl with the nice natural glowing godly skin, n ive ordered rose water toner and moisturiser for after I cleanse cus I heard rose water has many good qualities!! however I am in search of a product that I can put on my skin in the morn before going out instead of foundation / concealer?? something that'll just revitalise my skin a bit..., i have some vitamin e hydrating mist which is okay but I want some sort of good day cream or something that isn't too greasy n won't make me break out:((( I'm also looking for a good eye cream to reduce puffiness / dark colouring, that isn't too harsh on the skin cus all eye creams I've used make my eyes water cus I have really sensitive eyes. bearing in mind that I'm pretty much a broke bitch and can't go

for the really high end shit :( pls help?