First baby appt


I have my first appointment this morning in 3 hours and I can’t sleep anymore. The last two times we only made it to 6 weeks so making it this far is huge for us. I had twin girls my first pregnancy 7 years ago so I’m nervous I’m having another set but I’m also scared I won’t hear anything. I am also planning on telling my girls today that we are having a baby since I’ll have a picture. It’s been so long since I’ve had a baby appt that I don’t even remember what goes on.

Update: doctor found a sac but no baby and no heart beat she thinks I’m measuring around 6 weeks but is unsure so we did blood work to check levels and will go from there. I’m trying to stay hopeful but it’s hard with my history. I will keep updating as we go. She will call me Monday but I’ll be away for work for 2 weeks so that doesn’t help.


Went in for ultrasound again and we found the little jelly bean