Bad headache and toothache

Brittany • ❤️Mommy to Mason and Sierra❤️

Hey ladies! Yesterday i had a headache that got worse throughout the day. Took max dose of Tylenol all day long. I’m 37 weeks and 4 days today... well i called the ob yesterday and they said if it didn’t get better after 5:00pm to go into L&D; so i did.. well, they gave me some meds and nothing really helped and they sent me home.. woke up thismorning and i have a bad toothache from grinding my teeth last night😒(i have a cavity that my dentist won’t touch till after the baby) My question is do you think its reasonable to ask to be induced at 38 weeks so i can go to the dentist?? I have called the dentist and they will 100% not do anything other than a cleaning... i cant go almost 3 weeks with this pain!!!