Breaking Free

Throughout my struggle with depression and anxiety, it’s been hard for me to be able to break free. So I’ve started writing down every moment or thing that makes me smile, laugh, or remember when I was incredibly happy. Every memory starts out with “Do you remember...” and describes something that will always make me happy. There’s also stuff in there about my family and friends, and things about them that I will never forget no matter what. There’s accomplishments and times filled with laughter. And in the entire thing there is not a single bad memory. If you guys ask, I will post my version so far as an example, but I thought starting something like this might help another person as well.

Edit: I thought I’d add something that I use to help cope with Anxiety too. Whenever I start feeling extremely anxious/stressed, or am on the verge of having a panic attack. I write down every single thing that I’m stressed out about. Sometimes I’ll list it as things to do and make a checklist of all the things I am thinking about. Surprisingly, this often helps to calm me down and virtually helps to put these items aside until further notice. It also feels really great when you are able to check an item off of that list and lift a bit of weight off your shoulders.