What should I do about my boyfriend playing fortnite after I told him not to?


A while ago I told my boyfriend that I didn’t like when he would play fortnite. For some odd reason, he starts to take forever to text me back, his texts get kinda dry, and I hate it. This never happens when he’s playing any other game. ALWAYS with fortnite. So as dumb as this sounds, I told him to promise me to not play the game because truly I start to feel like he ignores my messages and what not because he is constantly on the phone with his friends while playing the game. So I recently left to camp for a week and didn’t have my phone. So knowing that I couldn’t see what he was doing, I had my cousin look at his profiles and stuff while I was gone and he started posting about playing the game and started texting people asking if they wanted to play and honestly I feel very betrayed by him. It makes me feel like he doesn’t value my opinions and just didn’t care about my feelings. I’ve tried to explain this to him and he admitted to his mistakes but I don’t feel as if it’s sincere. I don’t like telling him what to do and how to live his life, so I NEVER do that but this time around I don’t want him to play that game. What should I do?