So this happened..!

Ladies get ready for a fun story😏 My boyfriend of 5 years and I live together for a little over 3 years now , he told me he was getting us food for dinner and he’d be right back ! I was really in the mood and he was more interested on going out to get food so I was like

While he was gone I decided to take a shower And get into my Pajamas when all of a sudden I’m rinsing my my hair and i heard a noise and I thought it was just my dog buster .. but then I felt two arms wrap around my waste and it was him

I turned around and we started to make out so intensely he was making me moan just by his touch , and he said “ I’m not hungry for food anymore “ and at this point I was like

He wrapped his arms around be as we’re literally dripping wet and takes me to our bed starts sucking on me and I started to touch him

and he got me in my feelings and we had the best sex ever