needing advise and help. 16 and pregnant.

I'm 18 weeks and 1 day pregnant, I haven't been seen by a doctor yet, but I have seen the baby on ultrasound at 8 weeks and at 16 weeks. how would I go about going to the doctor? what would I say when I call? I only have badgercare (insurance) through my grandma, but I don't want her seeing it at this moment (very personal reasons I'm not telling my grandparents yet whom are the only family i lived with) I live on my own with my boyfriend of 5 years. I have been taking prenatals since I found out at 5 weeks. please do not say to tell them, I'm going to in a couple weeks. I do not need their financial help or anything. I just need to know what to ask for and what to say about insurance and stuff. *I live in Wisconsin*