Yes or no?

Allyson • Mommy of a Angel 👼🏽💙 | 16 years

It has only been 4 months since I lost my son Elijah and some of my pregnancy weight. I have only lost 38 or 40 lbs and still have a long way to go, but I purchased my first bikini of the summer and I feel so self conscious about my body in it. I have bad stretch marks and just overall the weight. I know I shouldn’t hate the fact of all of it because it was from my son, but it just makes me miss him more😔💔. My boyfriend, Even though he was not the father of Elijah (my ex boyfriend is), helped me through the loss of my son and still daily tells me I’m beautiful and that he wouldn’t change anything about me, I still feel disgusted with myself.

Should I keep this and embrace or Just look for a new suit?

Ps: Yes I tried to hide my stretch marks😒