That time i tried period sex

So prior to being in a relationship I thought period sex was ya know gross, until it happened. So my bfs parents were going out of town and it happened to be he weeks of my period. Well my period has been very light due to birth control so I told him the situation and he was cool and said however I felt we would go with it. Well the first night i went over to his house he made me dinner and had wine, and at that moment I just couldn’t wait to get into bed. So I went to the bathroom and checked and it was so light that it was barely there. So flash forward when we started having sex (we don’t used condoms), my period actually provided a natural lubricant and made everything feel much better. There was no mess, but I recommend if you have a heavier flow to use towels or have shower sex. The sex was good and I had period sex the rest of the week and realized it wasn’t gross after all.