emotional rollercoaster


so I am 4+3 weeks pregnant today. My emotions are all over the place. first a little back story I had a missed miscarriage in February at 8 weeks baby stopped growing at 6 weeks and in May I had a chemical pregnancy. I found out a week ago tomorrow that I'm pregnant again and since that day I've been a mess. My hormones are going crazy. My mood swings are ridiculous. today I got frustrated at my fiance for cleaning more of the house than I asked him lol where are anyone else would love that they did it so u didn't have to and then after he got a little upset I cried for like 30 minutes about it lol I'm just so scared of something going wrong. I want to sit back and enjoy this pregnancy but I'm so worried. I worry when I have a cramp then I worry when I don't have one it's so frustrating. I went in for blood work on Monday hCG was 144 and two days later on Wednesday the more than doubled to 307 I know it's a good sign and I'm so happy about it but I go back on Monday and instead of just being happy about the number I'm worrying about Mondays new numbers. I just want a healthy nine months and a healthy baby. I pray everything works out. I just want to enjoy this time.