Hiring his ex 👿

Soo my boyfriend had gotten sooo mad at me for finding a picture of my ex in one of my safes last week. He was giving me the cold shoulder, bot really talking to me, acting like he didnt care about anything of us anymore &simply; making me feel bad for having a simple memory of the past, that person didnt mean anything to me anymore but he still got mad . So i decided ok i dont wanna make him feel bad so i threw away everything of my past. He came over today, we got better &had; sex. So while i was getting ready (he always sits next to me while i do my makeup) we were talking and his job came up (he owns a food truck) and usually its him as a cook and one cashier either being one of his brothers or me if i can go help him. He was talking about how he had an event today but one of his brothers recently got hired somewhere else &his; other brother works at his family restaurant so he had no one, so i asked who was gunna help him today and he said "i kinda dont wanna tell you cause we just got better and i know your gunna get mad" i told him just to tell me and he starts off with "its a girl" and i was just like ok ?? and he goes into detail sayinh "oh it was that one girl i told you about that we had elementary together and in high school she had a kid , she sometimes goes to my familys restaurant .." and then i remembered his ex . I AM SOO PISSED ! he got mad at me for having a FUCKING PICTURE BUT HE GOES AND HIRES HIS FUCKING EX !! who he'll have to be with all fucking day sometimes !!! like wow . tell me people do i not have a reason to be mad !!??