3 days late


as you can see im for one im 3 days late. i had unprotected sex on the 26th of June and 2nd of July. july 2nd i was also ovulating and my pregnancy chance was at 27%. both days was multiple sessions and pull out method was used. i have tested a few times but the last time i tested was like 5 days ago and it came out negative but i think it was too early to get accurate results. ive been very bloated for a couple of weeks. im usually quit skinny but i just cant seem to lose my bloat which isnt common for me. the picture below is one i had taken to show my boyfriend.

my boobs are sore. im slightly nauseous sometimes but not much. i keep getting bad headaches. im dizzy and light headed all the time. i keep getting random cramps. some where usual period cramps are and some in my lower left and right side where my apendix is located. my apetite keeps flexuating but usually its high. my mood is constantly changing one minute im happy the next im cying. and just now i used the restroom and my discharge was kinda creamy. however, i havnt had anything similar to implantation bleeding. also getting pains below my ribs where my stomach is at. i plan to wait a few more days and if my period isnt here yet i will test again. but i want to know yalls opinions. thank you so much! UPDATE: I just got a very very light bleeding. cant post a picture because my camera wont pick it up. not sure if its AF or implantation yet. also forgot to mention one of my signs is i am very very fatigued. UPDATE: soooo i got my period yesterday. it was 5 days late and just wanted to wait for the day i was going canoeing for 6 hours 😂🙃