I really need some advice. Going through bad break up

My now ex boyfriend and I have been seeing each other for about 9 months. We are both home for the summer and his hometown is about an hour from mine.

This whole relationship I felt like I was giving way more than what he was putting. It felt like a 60/40 relationship. He was also very selfish and cheap person on all aspects of the relationship even the bed room.

Over all, I felt as though he was not a real man and not a provider since he only seems to serve himself while I’m here giving 100 of myself to him. He would make me drive a lot to see him and he would make me pay for my own meals and activities when I would spoil him.

Also, whenever I had issues about the relationship, he would discredit my feelings and say that my wall is up and that I’m too insecure.

Never once saw where I was coming from and always had to fight me on it.

So I dumped him. I miss him so much it really hurts but it also hurts that again he made no real effort to fix things. I gave him a final chance and said “ I want to be with you but you have to invest more In the relationship” he declined my offer and texted me “hope you have a nice life”

Words of encouragement or honesty or advice would be greatly appreciated right now :((((((((