Best date I’ve ever been on

First time writing/ posting a story please leave feedback good or bad. also this is a true story

My friend set me up with a tinder date - I got dressed and ready for a night of assumed disappointment. He picked me up and we got some food then since nothing was open we went to Walmart: set up a table and chairs, a deck of cards and got to know each other more . I found out that he was a marine and was on leave for the holidays. He was a perfect gentleman the whole night though we got more flirty as we taught each other different card games. I was checking him out- he was a few inches shorter than me but was full of muscle and had adorable soft brown eyes and his mouth just looked big and tasty

eventually we made our way back to the car and were cuddling in the back seat when he leaned over and kissed me, his lips taste amazing as our tongues dance it was one of the best kisses I’ve ever had and I couldn’t control my urges anymore, I got on top and started passionately making out with him- his hands touching me all over as he tells me how sexy I am then he orders me to lay on my back and get undressed as he kneels in front of the seat examining my body he plays with with my nipples as his hand teases my pussy sticking a finger and out, grazing my clit. I take his throbbing cock in mouth swirling my tongue around the head- he’s not at a good angle so I can’t get that much in but I can tell it’s thick.

He moans and says he likes how wet and tight my pussy is, he adds a finger and starts going harder with it. He’s being the perfect amount of rough and gentle and I’m shy at first until he whispers in my ear that no one can hear me.. then I surrender to the pleasure and moan in ecstasy as his fingers do their magic, he mentions a few times how hot it is watching me squirm beneath his touch. he moves to start eating me out sucking on my clit, working his tongue in and out my legs start shaking and he sternly tells me to keep them open and pushes them apart. Somehow that tone of voice makes me even more horny and I squirt all over his face and he drinks it up like it’s the best thing he’s ever had. Before I can recover he pulled my legs up onto his shoulders and pushes his throbbing cock into me. It stretches me out perfectly and sends be into the best feeling I’ve ever had (I swear my soul accended into the heavens)

as he plays with my tits and pounded into me progressively getting harder he puts a hand around my throat and keeps going until he cums - the whole time I was in total bliss.

We spent the night in his car and agreed to hangout several more times until he had to go back.