Feeling distant and depressed.

My bf and I have been together for a year and a half. We've been working on past issues which are no longer the center of our problems, but what our current problems have stemmed from.

Our biggest problem is bad communication. We're on opposite ends of the spectrum- I want to talk things out, find ways to resolve our arguments/other issues, and he runs away, thinking that not ever speaking about it makes things better. It never does.

We are both angry people but I am the kind of angry that stays silent and needs time to get over, while he is the kind of angry that yells, throws things to calm down, punches his wall + door, etc.

During times of reflection, I can quickly catch where I went wrong, what I could have done better to create a more successful outcome, and apologize for what I did. I can see my mistakes and faults, but that does not take away from his- out problems are a combination of both of our faults and mistakes, and he cannot see that. He can never hold.himself accountable for what he did/said. He ALWAYS blames it on something else, like being drunk, or tired.

We didn't see each other for two days (a while, considering that we've been sleeping together EVERY night since last Oct), and did not talk about anything while he had time because he wanted to play video games and golf. I understand he needs time to relax after a stressful work day, but he does not make time to talk to me and find a resolution with me.

I tried to break things off, but he didn't want to. Honestly, I don't want to either, but I'm tired. I have no more energy left to keep trying. The things I ask of him that everyone needs in a relationship he does not give me.

I don't want to go more into detail but we've talked things out and we're OK...but I don't feel OK.

I can't stop crying, feeling sad, and I feel so distant. Seeing him does not make me as happy or excited as it used to, and sometimes I question whether I even want to see him at all.

He seems to be taking things well given that we haven't fought or anything since, but...I don't know.