Break up and after PT 2


When we finished talking bout it, we hung out two weeks later. Everything was fine, I was being a little flirty with him. Later on the night, he hugs me from the back and talks to me all cute, then KISSES me. I didn’t even know what to do, I kissed him back obviously. We started holding hands and what not. Not going to lie, we had sex (ahh sue me) I wanted to talk to him bout days later but I didn’t want to text him bout it and get some stupid excuse. Then we hang out again a week later or so...same shit. I brought up up to him and asked “what are we” he looked a bit confused then he said we were just freinds and shit. Saying how what he did the first time was in the moment and that we were being clingy at one point. He also wanted to talk bout it, that got me mad asf.

I asked why did he do that the second time (that day). He said Bc I gave him consent? Like bitch wtf? Consent, idk to me that was like ????? What??? I didn’t even care bc it’s him you know? (You guys can have your opinion, it’s fine) I was like “how can you not expect me to ask what we are after we did this twice” he didn’t say anything, we argued and talked bout it more and more. I told him that he knew what he was doing and didn’t bother thinking what’ll I ask? I even told Him that I’ll gain shit trust back like he said. He told me that He didn’t say that. I got so mad that I told him it was bullshit. I remembered everything, he stood quiet He claimed that we won’t do that shit anymore, we’re just going to be friends and that’s it. The whole entire time, I was being upset and I didn’t even say bye. When I got home, he texted me that he was sorry for being an ass and how I’ll get better soon. I didn’t reply at all, two hours later he texted me “sleep well”. A whole week I ignored him and didn’t bother texting him Bc I wanted him to know that he hurt my feelings and tried to prove a point. He texted me on my birthday as well. I didn’t even bother replying....