In Laws opinions on raising YOUR baby?? Advice please*

So I’m having my first child this year and unfortunately I live with my in laws 🤦🏼‍♀️ I know not the best situation but it’s happened. I don’t have any problems with them or anything but when we discuss how I’m gonna raise my son my FIL is against me spanking and putting my son in time out. My bf always says how his parents spanked him growing up so he doesn’t understand why they’d be against us disciplining our son......ANYWAYS I was reading a post on here earlier about someone having issues about their in laws not listening to them when it comes to their child, for explain they’d make dinner but if the child didn’t wanna eat it the grandma would make her something else instead of respecting the parents wishes not to do that, another was the parents didn’t want their daughter drinking sugar drinks but found out the grandma was giving her soda. This made me start to think about what if this happens to me.

My question is since I live at my in laws do I still have the right to say “no” when it comes to decisions about my son? Or should I suck it up and deal with it since I live with them?