Overly worried about my boyfriend

I have severe anxiety, so I’m always assuming the absolute worst scenarios. I’m always asking my boyfriend to text me whenever he gets to a destination or at least once or twice throughout the day so I know he’s ok. I really don’t think it’s too much to ask. He’s usually pretty good at it, but he does slip up sometimes. If I don’t know he’s ok, my mind automatically thinks something horrible happened to him, like if he got in a car accident, injured at work, etc. and when he doesn’t answer his phone I start panicking and crying. It’s the worst feeling in the world to think that something bad will happen to the love of your life. Once he gets back to me he’ll be like “Sorry I forgot to text back” or “Sorry I was caught up at work.” It’s relieving but I also hate how I panic in the first place. Just last night he called me freaking out because his left arm hurt and there’s history of heart problems in his family. He was fine when I called him this morning before he went to work, but he hasn’t texted me all day and isn’t answering my messages or phone calls, and he should have been off work half an hour ago. Now I’m sitting here scared shitless that he’s had a heart attack and is in the hospital or even dead. I feel so scared and I’m panicking so hard right now over something that’s probably nothing. I hate how much anxiety is ruining my life.