How do I tell my nieces and nephews?

I was supposed to be adopting my bestfriends unborn child. This is her fourth child, and she told me she didn’t want it since earlier this year and she just didn’t have the money to abort. She was in a very abusive relationship with this child’s dad (all children have different dads.)

I told her with no hesitation that I would adopt this baby and she happily agreed and said that we would go through the legal process once she got here. My nieces and nephews overheard me and my mom talking and so they believed I was pregnant. I let them believe that so it wouldn’t be confusing to them and they would automatically accept this baby as their cousin.

Fast forward two months, I fly my bestfriend home from Texas where she was suffering the physical abuse and she stopped talking to me. She recently told me she decided to keep the baby. It’s her baby ultimately so I respected her decision. (I was so excited about the baby I started the baby girl nursery and picked out the name. So now I just keep the door closed to stop reminding myself.)

My biggest problem is I don’t know how to explain to my nieces and nephews that I won’t be having a baby. I wish I could actually get pregnant but I suffered a miscarriage in 2015 and haven’t gotten pregnant since. Any suggestions ladies?