The struggle...


I get on these kicks where I want to start eating healthy and start working out multiple times a week and look like of these girls.

Then I start looking up recipes for clean eating for myself and family and I take it seriously for about 2 days...4 or 5 tops...I commit to a 30-day squat challenge and my legs feel like noodles after the first day.

I start to get lazy and sore after the first or second day and realize I am not that bad looking and if my husband ain't complaining, then mehhhhh.

I end up having a really shitty day at work, or AF shows up which makes me feel even worse... and all I want to do is drink a few glasses of wine.

Then I think about how I can make myself happy and...repeat cycle. 😂

Anybody else!? No?

I'll just keep drinking my wine and ponder to myself on how I can be fit and still enjoy my wine and margaritas and tacos and pasta.