I think I have endometriosis. I haven’t had any tests done because I was told to try birth control to try and help it first. Apparently I didn’t get my word across as to how agonizing my periods are or I was just exaggerating since I don’t have any family history of it.

I’ve had my doubts the past year of being on birth control. I actually started to think I was crazy. Maybe I’m just making it up or I can’t handle the regular pains of a period. Maybe I’m just a wimp.

But birth control is supposed to help periods. I’ve changed pill types TWICE within the past year and they haven’t helped my periods and have made me feel so much worse. I still bleed so heavy and so much that I will vomit and even pass out. My cramps feel like someone is stabbing me with a knife while simultaneously beating my lower back with a baseball bat. I can hardly move. I have intense hot flushes and start shaking so violently it looks like a small seizure if you didn’t know it was normal for me. I pass quarter sized clots or bigger. Most of the time it’s ONLY clots.

But these past few months have seriously made me reconsider that maybe I’m not crazy. Why? Because sex and sexual activities such as fingering hurts me. It makes me cramp for DAYS and I can’t get relief.

So for anyone who has had experience with endo, does it sound like I have it? I think so. But I don’t want to get tuned away by my doctor just telling me I cant handle it.

On my period, the first 4 days I sometimes have to skip college classes. I have to stay in bed. At my part time job, I sometimes do strenuous activities and i will be in tears before the day is over if I work on my period. I run back and forth to the bathroom gagging and bleeding so much.

Does this sound like endometriosis? Or am I just a wimp?