A girl I know is faking a pregnancy...

We’re all on this board because we are TTC, some longer than others, none the less we all have the same goal and all deserve the same respect. But something has been under my skin lately. A girl I went to high school with (I am 22, she is 21, but we graduated in the same class) is faking her pregnancy.

On instagram about 3 weeks ago, she announced she was 15 weeks pregnant with a boy, posted an ultrasound picture and everything. (Her name was not in the photo, it was a closeup if the baby) Now what threw me off was that was she didn’t announce anything on Facebook, where all her family is.. She immediately changed her Instagram bio with the baby initials, due date and the 🤰🏼 emoji. On Snapchat, she had posted a picture from her camera roll a very large bump, I’d say it looked to be about late 20s to early 30s weeks looking. Now I was excited for her but I noticed something fishy.

Aside from not posting it to the 1 social media site her family can see, she also posted a Snapchat photo at the beach, selfie style, to where you can see her stomach, and not to be rude but it completely looked like squishy stomach fat. Aren’t baby bumps supposed to be hard and round!? And what happened to the “bump pic” you just had posted?! Where’d the large bump go!!? About a week later, she posts the SAME exact bump photo as before, it was from her camera roll, announcing she was now 17 weeks. Few days go by she posts a pic in the car with her boyfriends hand on her thigh, guess what- NO BUMP STICKING OUT LIKE WHAT SHE JUST HAD POSTED! the pic from her camera roll showed her bump sticking out to her thighs, car pic- thighs were visible, up to her seatbelt and there was no bump.

While I was pregnant with my first just after I graduated high school she was happy for me, I told her I was 20 weeks with a boy, she said she has horrible baby fever and wanted a boy. She was so excited talking to me about how she couldn’t wait to be a mom, so now that “shes pregnant” wouldn’t you think she’d be excited to where she’d be posting mirror bump pics documenting her progress?

This girl is known to exaggerate stories, but what do you all think? Has anybody ever known someone to fake a pregnancy?