Need advice 🙌 switching doctors 😩

Anna 🥀🌙 • {24}SAHW 💍❤️ New to TTC 👶🏻✨ PCOS 💙

So my primary care doctor recently is out of town till September and I had switched birth control before she left and the new birth control gave me side affects that were very scary I was having heart palpitations and high blood pressure so I went to the hospital they said it was possibly because of my new birth control and a combination of sleep deprivation and stress so they gave me a sleeping pill and told me to follow up with my pcp and since she was out of town I had to set up an appointment with one of her male colleagues and from the second I met him I felt uncomfortable but I knew my health was more important so I just dealt with it but he ended but not really helping me at all I told him I stopped the pill do to the dr at the hospitals recommendations so I would need another birth control and I showed him all the records they sent me home with so he ran my urine again and did an ekg she said my blood pressure was high and that it was caused by the same things the hospital said , he told me he would give me time of work and that I needed to go buy a blood pressure machine take my BP 3x daily and to come back in a week then he will be able to prescribe me BP medicine. He also said he wouldnt be giving me birth control or any sleeping medication which makes no sense and infuriated me because I need birth control I have ever since my first period due to how heavy and painful they are , and I’ve been dealing with sleeping problems my whole life too I’ve tried teas , melatonin, meditation, all the home remedies none of them work for more than a few days if I’m lucky and this pill they gave me at the hospital works I finally feel like I get efficient sleep every night and I go to sleep at a decent time but he said he wouldn’t refill it even tho it says in my hospital papers follow up with primary for a refill . I figured he said that because it is a generic for Xanax and with all the pill problems now days he doesn’t wanna create an addict which I’m fine with that but give me something else to try don’t just leave me we’re I started ya know . So now here I am doing better cause I’m off the birth control and getting way better sleep but now my period is here heavy as hell and painful ass hell and I’m almost out of the sleeping pills which ironically have been helping my cramps and I know if I go back to that same doctor he’s not gonna give me anything but possibly blood pressure medication so I think I need to switch doctors but I’m worried if I switch to another colleague that they won’t do anything either because of what the doctor I just seen said . I really wish my regular doctor was back she would have me on a new birth control already and helped with the sleeping medicine situation. I need advice guys do I switch to another colleague or go to a whole new practice until my doctor comes back in September 😩