So the last school year was seventh grade for me. I am going to eighth now.

It was the second trimester for me and I had tech ed. This year and past year hasn’t been the greatest. My stepdad had cancer from 9/11. He was a first responder. Sadly he passed away 6 months ago. But through out most of seventh grade he was in the hospital. I was already feeling depressed about other things and my stepdad being in the hospital.

The first few weeks of tech ed were fine. There was a boy ima call him Blake. Blake and I were friends from sixth grade. He was like my only guy best friend.

One day I feel a light tap on my butt. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal because in tech ed for demonstrations we crowd around a small table. Naturally people would bump into each other. And in my school tech ed is every other day. So as time progressed I kept feeling light touches. Then one day i felt a whole hand. At that moment I froze. It just kept progressing (only touching on the butt). It turned into grabbing.

I hate my self for not doing or saying anything. I just felt completely frozen. Especially since I thought I was in a safe place. I always went to school before happy. School was a way for my mind to get distracted. After that I would go to school in fear. I would try to walk away from Blake but he would just follow me. A week later my friend ima call her Jess.

Jess had a similar experience to mine. It was a different person. Except she was brave enough to tell someone. When she told the school the kid only got a warning. After that i just kinda saw no purpose to tell anyone. And now I wish I would’ve told someone but it’s too late now he moved. Also he did stop overtime because I would stand in front of other people. I know it’s probably not that big a deal but I just wanted to tell someone.