Any LEO ladies here? 💙🖤💙


My husband and I have been married for a year and a half. We knew when we got married that we wanted children in the near future so we have been TTC for about 6 months with no results yet... just enough to where we are getting impatient. My husband has been a deputy for the county for about 4 years so I knew what I was getting into but knowing what law enforcement life is going to be like and actually living it are two very different things. I work 12 hours at the hospital on day shift and he works nights every other month and on top of that he’s on the SWAT team. Even on his days off if he gets a SWAT call he has to go. To add to all of this he had the opportunity to apply for the K-9 unit. We made the decision together because it involves both of us so two months ago they started the ‘doggie academy.’ He absolutely loves training and is super excited to get back on the road with his new partner but all of this definitely has taken its toll. I think one reason why we aren’t pregnant yet is because we rarely get to see each other and if we aren’t right on point we have missed our chance. Him and I never get a whole day together so we usually get a few hours here and there. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE around me is pregnant.. people who weren’t even planning to get pregnant and who aren’t in a stable relationship or are financially prepared. I work at the hospital and he’s a deputy.. it’s the perfect house to raise a child and yet nothing has happened. And if I hear “you’re trying too hard” one more time I’m gonna lose it. We are currently on one day one of the two week wait and I’m hoping and praying that this will be the month for us!