Praying for the person you date

I’ve been dating this guy for about two months and we’ve went on three dates so far and we will be going on your fourth soon. He has already met my parents and I’m meeting his family soon. I do like him and I believe he likes me. But I just need some advice on how to pray to God about our dating and possibly relationship.. I’ve been saying these words I’m my prayers every since we went on our first date. Like how would I say if this dating is meant to let it be...? Or if we are meant to be together or place on our hearts on what to do on weather we should take this further into a relationship or just remain friends.. I’ve been saying those things but I feel like I’m saying it wrong to God. Like what is a better way of saying it? Or I ask God to show me signs? Like idk ☹️...Because I feel like I’m saying something wrong? If you get what I mean... so far the dating is going good. I’m just don’t want to get hurt again or hurt him.