Marriage rant.


Had a baby 3 weeks ago, our second... I stayed alone in the NICU with him for a week. I’ve been extremely busy since we got home, haven’t even had a second to catch my breath or sleep for that matter. My toddler is learning to be okay with a baby being all over me 24/7. Plus I have to make time to cook, clean and do laundry. My husband is home to help with the baby, but to be honest he plays video games a lot and is on his phone all day. It seems like he is using this time off from work for a vacation. Extremely frustrating. Anytime I bring up him being on his phone he gets all mad. Anyways, I decided to sit down and relax while breastfeeding today because i’m cramping and pretty sure I started my period. I sat down and asked my husband to make me a spark drink. He said okay, went into the kitchen and was like “I can’t find it” I said “it’s on the counter”. He overlooked it so hard so I made a joke that he never can find things that are in front of his face. He “jokingly” told me he isn’t making me a spark because I made fun of him... haha huh. Then I said, with all the things I do around the house and for our babies he won’t make me a drink if I make joke? He called me entitled and laid on the couch... I got frustrated...Of course. Then I kinda went off like any women with sleep deprivation, sore nipples and period cramps would do. He then got on his phone and didn’t want to talk anymore. I kept pushing him to talk to me, he just kept saying sorry, obviously just trying to get me to leave him alone. He got to the point where he started yelling at me because he just wanted time to process things, I told him to go into the other room if he was gunna yell, so he did. When he comes back out here I doubt I will wanna talk because that’s just how I am. If I don’t get it out instantly when something happens I end up just bottling it up inside. Anyways, just wanted to vent. :( was I being overdramatic?

PS. He’s in the other room napping right now..


We talked and everything is good now. He. Was unaware that I felt the way I do about things, mow that he knows hopefully things will change!