It’s finally my turn to share my baby’s birth story It started on July 13 (what a horrible day)...

It’s finally my turn to share my baby’s birth story 
It started on July 13 (what a horrible day) I went to my OB appointment. I had an ultrasound before the appointment. At the appointment I was informed my baby was measuring 36weeks 4 days. I was also informed my baby didn’t have enough water. My OB said it was best to go ahead and have a baby but he stated I would need to have a c section. 
I informed him I did not want a c section that there has to be another way to help me open since I was just at a 1. Due to me wanting to have a VBAC he didn’t really want to induce me. He stated he could put a foley balloon inside me to help my cervix thin and allow me to open. But the chances of having a suceesful VBAC lowers when I am induced. 
I went ahead and said go ahead and try it. And if i am still not able to have a vaginal due to myself not opening then I’ll do it after all I know everything that could be done was done. 
I went in to L&D they started my IV and put the foley in. By 7am on June 14 I was at a 3. By 3pm I was at a 6. By 6:15 I was still at a 6 and doctor came on and said he was not seeing much cervical change and he was recommending a c section. I cried. He told me he would come back at 7p to see if I opened a bit more. Once he left I prayed and focused on my body. Thanks to God when the doc came back at 7 I was open to a 9! 
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