Such a gentleman 😍

My husband ( yes he left yes he's a jerk etc) but days like today makes me want to believe the good times we shared before he left yes I forgave him not for me but for our tiny little loves he knows when to be aggressive and when to be so gentle with me.. I'm not feeling the best between mommin' breastfeeding work ( which I may quit) etc and I'm just a emotional mess i didn't feel like going to the store or driving so he says Babyyyy" I'll go for you just give me a list and I'll go grab it " my heart 😍😭 I hope and know that our son will be half of the man that he is. he is gentle a smart ass and most importantly a great man . He pisses me off more than anything but he has gotten up with them he has showed me that he deserves to be in their life! We aren't always happy but our little family needs happiness yes he missed half of my pregnancy and the birth but he loves all of me! I can't cherish this man more. It's the simplest of things! I can go on about what happened between us but I won't because sometimes the past needs to be forgiven! he gently cuddles me he cares for me and loves me through it. His kisses send chills down my spine. I truly pray our son turns into half of the gentlemen my husband is! As for our daughter I hope and pray that she looks and marries a man just like her daddy 😭😭😭😭😍 I'm crying!

To add: YES he did leave a month and a half ago but he came home to a empty home as (we) me and littles left but we since talked about things and seems to be a bit better