Why on earth!? Happen to anyone but me??

🦉Sarah🦉 • 🍬27 💍2010 👦🏼1 👧🏼2 🐕2 🐹2 🦁Leo 🚸crossing guard

Okay so it’s 96 degrees outside, but I went to Walmart to get pull-ups & wipes for my 2 year old and salad stuff for my hubby. Pretty much by the time I was checking out I was done, over heated and dizzy as heck. Got home and unloaded car (apparently hubby didn’t see text asking him to help unload) lost my keys on the way in and we searched for 45 minutes until I found them in the grass. But just being overheated and dizzy (mainly dizzy from not taking my iron pills yet today) but probably from being hotter than heck too. Does this happen to anyone? (23 weeks)