Pcos and ttc

Sasha • Married to the love of my life 💍 Mommy to my princess 👸🏻 TTC #2 with PCOS

So I was diagnosed with PCOS recently in June (June 11,2018) and I’ve been ttc for the past five years with no success. After my daughter turned 3 I removed my iud in hopes of having another baby soon after. That wasn’t the case! I started to notice changes in my body that never happened before, I gained weight and no matter what diet or workout routine nothing helped me loose the weight. I started to get hair on my chin, my periods were very irregular. So I had finally got health insurance and want to the doctor and she did blood test and ultrasounds and I found out I had PCOS. She then suggested to use opks to track when I ovulate because it’s never the same with Pcos. So I’ve been tracking since June and today I got my very first positive. I’m praying this is it!!! 🤗