Today v.s Past


So I’m not sure if this really is controversial. Let me know if it’s not I’ll move it.

I am taking a u.s history class and have started reading about slavery. I think it’s absolutely horrific what went on and am saddened by the fact that we still have segregation today, but I’m glad that people are still talking about the injustices that happened(the u.s has a habitat of pretending bad things didn’t happen) I was looking for more background information and found out that we have more slaves today than we did on n the past. The u.s alone has a .02% roughly 1 in 5,000 people in slavery today. That adds up to 60,000 in the us alone(the us has one of the lowest per capita in present day). In all I found numbers around 30-40 million spaces in all. I guess what I’m asking is, do you think we need to raise more awareness of slavery today? Do you think more should be done/how would you go about showing more people this issue?

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P.S I’m not at all trying to take away from what happened during the African slavery trade.