my poor vagina

I don't know what my poor little vagina is going through right now but I can't wait to get this baby out. It's like I'm having back-to-back yeast infections but that can't be it there's no way. I took a diflucan like 4 days ago and I'm already itching again so it's either gotta be the type of soap im using which is cheap or the wash cloth or my underwear or the detergent.. I have to wear underwear because there's so much discharge (I know gross TMI ) but its on fire from the itching all the time I don't have an STD or bv... I just think it's from all the discharge like I didn't wanna buy any more underwear because I'm not gonna be able to fit them after I have her but I feel like maybe that's what I need to do and start change my undies 4 times A-day bc this is got a stop 😣😥😝😕