Not sure...🤔


So my body feels like I’m abt to “O” and not sure what to think.. I just miscarried for the 2nd time this year😪 but I feel all the symptoms of Ovulation...

Note: I miscarried this past Sat. Which I only had a sac at 6wks (no fetus) I only bleed only (5) days and no more..

Any one ever gone thru this process so quickly. If so please share your stories...💕✨✨✨✨

I think yes... I’m about to start my fertile days.. so my Ovulation day is around the corner... ladies HELP... my mind is spinning 😫😩😬

Yesterday 07/25 & today’s 07/26 WOW.. I’m way ahead of sch from pink pad / GLOW

Girls, right about there.. 🤨

So determined ✨✨✨💕 07/27/18 last post