Narcissistic parents


So it’s once again 1 am and I stay up late thinking of what has my life become. Thinking why did my mom choose to be such a monster when all I needed and wanted was her support and love, for myself and for my daughter. Also acceptance of my husband or at least respect. So I’m here laying down thinking what could have I done to maintain a relationship with her, without hurting my relationship with my husband. And I admit I chose him over her and I would a million times again. Now before you think what a Terrible daughter, hear me out. She was upset that I was getting married and did absolutely everything in her power to sabotage us. Eventually when I did get married and had my daughter, she told everyone my husband hit her after a verbal argument they had(I was there). She then basically gave me the option to divorce him and continue to have my family, or stay with him and be forever shunned by them. So once I argued with her and stayed with my husband, she spread the rumor that I watched my husband hit her and that I allowed it. So of course my aunts and uncles don’t speak to me anymore. Anyways, I was up and I saw this article and it described my mom PERFECTLY. Many of you will feel exactly how I feel, I felt I wasn’t justified cutting her out of our lives since she gave birth to me.But I am. The family that no longer speaks to me, tried to change my mind as well as verbally attacked me until they completely stopped talking to me. They tried to convince me that my mom gave me life that I shouldn’t be ungrateful and etc.