Calorie intake while breastfeeding? Fitness junkies!!


I’m trying to lose this baby weight! So I’m trying to *start* by watching what I eat and learning how to control my portions. While I’m not going to obsess over numbers too much, I want TRY to track my daily intake of calories. Last night I downloaded an app that I can enter my meals and snacks for the day and it keeps track of my calories and also breaks down how much weight I can lose and by when by also entering exercises into the app as well.

However the app doesn’t take into account breastfeeding so I’m not sure if what I’m doing is healthy or bad for my milk supply.

I’m 5’8” and 187lbs as of my 6 week check up last week on the 20th of July.

The app gave me a “budget” of 1,400 calories a day based on my height and weight and how much weight I want to lose (I put a goal weight of 140lbs, so I want to lose 47lbs. by hopefully my birthday in January)

I entered all my meals and snacks that I had yesterday (before downloading this app) and I had come out to about 1800!! Yikes, that sounds crazy to me! But as a breastfeeding mom, how does this sound to you guys? Should I be getting more than 1400 calories a day? Is 1800 too much? I’d appreciate advice from any health and fitness junkies out there